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Artist Town is a new startup created by Colin Vickers that aims to bring art-lovers and artists together.
Art-Lovers can:
  • create a free profile to follow artists
  • find local artists, events, and galleries/venues
  • browse through great art
Artists can:
  • create a free profile and publish portfolios/sets
  • find venues/galleries in their area
  • advertise events, exhibitions, performances
  • connect directly with their followers
  • advertise in the gallery/venue finder to connect with local galleries/venues
Services can:
  • create a free profile with details about their service
  • find local artists looking for venues/galleries
  • easily connect with local artists and customers
  • advertise in the gallery/venue finder to connect with local artists

The site is split up into the following entries:
Members: Members are the basic users of the site
Pages: Each member can create pages which are the showcase for their art/service/location. Each page has categories associated with it which identify the page for searching.
Portfolios: Visual content can be added to each page in the form of a portfolio. This allows the page to split its visual content into categories and will be used for refined searching. A primary portfolio is needed with a cover photo in order for the page to appear in the search results.
Events: Events can be added to each page. These will be linked to locations and allow the user to search for events in his area.


13/02/2015 - added messaging system for contacting users. Implemented new pretty urls for SEO optimisation. More work on multi-lingual system

14/01/2015 - implemented youtube videos in portfolios

13/01/2015 - changed styling to art-gallery style. Added contact form. Updated layout of pages. Increased portfolios to 4 per page.

11/01/2015 - added page to select your location for search results (click on the location at the bottom of the screen).

10/01/2015 - implemented fanpages so you can now show work from other artists.