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Christy Lion Art

Christy Lion Art

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When I am not busy with juggling between the languages and trying to figure out the depths and secrets of interpersonal communication,
I passionately like to spend my time writing and taking photographs.

The way my present moods and emotions center and focus my attention and induce me to “shoot and capture” is very exciting. My photographs depict the fragments of “my world” and thoughts and therefore do not seek to be perfect. I reflect myself and my environment and offer my viewers the chance to share these moments – as the band Blind Melon puts it in “So high”: “Oh would you like to have a thought with me” ?
As music is another important and constant companion in my life I find it interesting to couple it with photography. In the process
of “developing” my photos, music and lyrics intriguingly breathes “new” soul into them and relaxes mine.

Have a look and enjoy!

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